Friday, May 25, 2018

Shaping Your Trading and Your Life

So here's a great question:

What one change in your daily routine will make the greatest difference:  a) in your trading and b) in your life?

How we live our lives shapes our habits and our mindsets.  We cannot live one kind of life and expect to do a different kind of trading.

If we live a life filled with drama or a life filled with inconsistency or a life filled with negative self-talk, that is what we will bring to our trading.  It's also what we bring to our future.

Who we are in the present and how we live right now shapes who we become.  Each day is a practice session for our future.  If we practice the right things, we develop the right ways.

Too many traders mess up today and reassure themselves that it was all a good learning lesson.


The learning comes from actively correcting the mess up--and then making that correction a regular part of your trading and your life.

In some measure, be the person today you want to become in the future.  That is climbing the ladder of development rung by rung.  How we act shapes how we experience ourselves.  Our routines create habits and our habits become part of ourselves.

We don't have to impose discipline if we have developed the right behaviors as habits.

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