Friday, May 18, 2018

How We Can Accelerate Our Growth As Traders

If I had to mention one factor that accounts for the success of traders, it would be the intensity and consistency of their learning process.  By supercharging our learning process, we can greatly accelerate our growth as traders.

In a recent post, Mike Bellafiore mentioned the importance of developing and working within a "playbook".  Once you have a collection of refined and tested market patterns, you now have a basis for evaluating your trading and working on the recognition and execution of trades related to these patterns.  You also have a basis for examining how these patterns vary in different kinds of markets.  Every day in the market, every trade placed, offers an opportunity for learning--and getting better.

How you structure and implement your practice/learning process will shape your growth as a trader.

On Tuesday, July 24th at the Traders Expo in Chicago, I will conduct a live seminar on strategies for accelerating our growth as traders.  This will be an opportunity for group coaching and individual consultation, as I will be making myself available after the presentation.

One of the things we'll discuss at the workshop are the elements that go into successful learning and practice.  These include ways of reviewing our trading that literally re-view our trading and extract lessons that inform our subsequent decision making.  When we turn every trade into a practical lesson, we greatly accelerate our learning.  When we place more trades than we review and study, *that* is overtrading.

What is the learning P/L of your recent trading?

I look forward to meeting readers at the Chicago event!