Monday, July 06, 2015

New Trading Views For A New Trading Week

*  After a considerable period of tepid new highs vs. lows among NYSE shares (data from the excellent Index Indicators site), we've recently seen an expansion of the number of stocks registering fresh three-month lows.  I will be tracking this closely to see if what is already oversold breadth exhibits further deterioration in the wake of problems in Europe and China.

*  Why do smart people do dumb things in markets?  This post takes a fresh look at a perplexing problem for traders--and how it can be overcome.

Interesting series on mindfulness in trading from Bruce Bower at SMB.

Perspectives on volatility and more from See It Market.

*  New Trader U suggests several valuable screening tools for traders.

*  Questioning the 200 day MA and more views from Abnormal Returns.

*  A stock/bond trading strategy and more from Quantocracy.

Have a great start to the week!