Thursday, July 09, 2015

Giving And Receiving: The September Traders4ACause Event

In my recent post, I talked about some of the common ingredients of successful traders.  It turns out that many of those traders will be attending September's Traders4ACause event in Las Vegas.  In addition, the charity event will include such noteworthy speakers as Jack Schwager, Peter Brandt, Jim Dalton, Terry Liberman, and Mark Minervini.  Two of the traders featured in the upcoming book I mentioned in my post will also present:  Bao Nguyen (@Modern_Rock) and Nate Michaud (@InvestorsLive).  

My presentation for the Traders4ACause event will focus on solid research in psychology and what it teaches us about best trading practices.  I will be sharing specific best practices that I have observed among successful traders over the years and ways you can adapt those practices to your trading.  The theme of the presentation is that there is much more to successful trading processes than simply controlling emotions and staying disciplined.  Those are necessary for success, but not sufficient.

Perhaps most important of all, such a charity event is a way of giving back--and a way of giving to one another.  It's great to connect with other traders online, but nothing beats face to face interaction, sharing ideas and experiences, and building an active, helpful, and supportive network.  

In the spirit of networking and mutual learning, I will be bringing to the September event a one-page writeup of a specific trading practice (not psychology; an actual trading method) that I have found to be a best practice in my own trading.  I will give that handout to anyone who also brings their own trading-oriented one-pager describing their best trading method.  Nothing in the handouts should be stupid or generic; rather, each will describe something unique in trading practice that has had value for you.  Bottom line:   I give you my insight; you give me yours.

Now suppose--just suppose--all the participants at the conference bring their one-pagers and everyone shares with everyone else.  You'll go to the meeting and receive literally hundreds of promising ideas.  Even if only 10% of them have specific promise for you, that's a great return on your attendance and sharing.  Giving to charity is great; we can also make giving to one another part of our cause.  

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!