Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unique Weekend Market Perspectives

*  In the above chart, we're tracking upticks among NYSE stocks vs. downticks as a measure of the balance of buying and selling pressure.  Note how intermediate-term cycles tend to start with solid buying pressure and gradually give way to less buying and eventually a negative balance between buying and selling.  With the recent rise of the dollar, we've seen selling pressure overtake buying interest in stocks.

*  Thanks to a savvy trader for pointing out this intelligent posting on the dynamics accompanying negative interest rates in Europe and U.S. dollar strength.

*  I continue to like the Stock Spotter site, which publishes buy and sell signals (and tracks their results) for stocks based on John Ehlers' cycle work.  I notice that we have over 50 stocks with buy signals as of Friday's close.  Since I began collecting the data in December, 2013, when 40 or more buy signals have fired for Stock Spotter (N = 25), the next five days in SPY have averaged a gain of +.76% (17 up, 8 down) vs. an average gain of +.22% for the remainder of the days.

Excellent post on winning and trading from Bruce Bower.

*  How interest rates are moving in the U.S. vs. Europe and other worthwhile perspectives from Abnormal Returns.

My posts on making positive psychology work for your trading--and life--performance.

Have a great weekend!