Sunday, March 01, 2015

Musings for the Approaching Market Week

*  Note that the number of NYSE stocks closing above their upper Bollinger Bands vs. below their lower bands has stayed largely positive since the mid January lows.  (Raw data from StockCharts).  Typically rallies are imperiled not just when we see a reduction in strength (fewer shares closing above their upper bands), but when we see emerging leaders to the downside displaying actual weakness (closing below their lower bands).  To this point, we've seen less strength, but not outright weakness.  This is one important reason why I view divergences as necessary for market reversals, but not sufficient.

Your answers to these three questions will tell a lot about whether you are operating in peak cognitive and emotional condition in your trading.  Just because you're not operating in a negative state doesn't mean that you're truly functioning at your peak.

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*   Really excellent post from The Mathematical Investor on how the returns from financial advisers are compromised due to conflicts of interest.

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Quite an array of volatility trading strategies from Volatility Made Simple.

WindoTrader on the art of learning and its relevance for trading.

Have a great start to the week!