Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Positive Psychology, Building Strengths, and the New Forbes Blog

A major development in psychology has been the systematic study of positive aspects of human development:  happiness, love, creativity, resilience, health, etc.  This has given rise to a positive psychology movement that seeks to help people, not by eliminating their weaknesses, but by cultivating their strengths.  This positive psychology has the potential to make us better people, as well as more productive and successful traders.

In my new Forbes blog, I am writing a practical book on positive psychology one blog post at a time.  In that blog book, I plan to highlight important research and practice in positive psychology and how we can make use of those discoveries.  I think you'll find, in the first three posts listed below, a view on the application of psychology that is both unique and uniquely promising.

I look forward to seeing the book evolve.  One great aspect of writing a book via a blog is that the comments, interests, and suggestions of readers can help guide the writing.  In that sense, the book becomes self-organizing, reflecting the insights of many--not just the author.

Thanks as always for your interest and support.  Most of us have an inkling that we are but a fraction of what we are capable of becoming.  My hope is that the new blog will be a resource for developing your deepest dreams and highest ideals.