Sunday, February 08, 2015

Insights for a Winter Weekend

*  Here is a great listing of academic research that can lead to superior financial returns;

*  How mental and physical exercise can build our brains

*  WindoTrader offers trading lessons from football and how football teaches us about the importance of game plans and emotional control;

*  This is a very interesting quant site; here is a posting on a model to predict recessions and what it said as of the start of this year;  

Great podcast insights from Abnormal Returns, including an interview with Howard Lindzon and a look at multidisciplinary thinking with Michael Mauboussin.  

*  Here are returns from an end-of-month trading strategy for stocks;

*  Here's my next reading in the area of system development;

Interesting tug of war between stocks and bonds, esp. given Friday's data;

*  A look at the world's longest backtest of a trading strategy.

Have a great weekend!