Sunday, October 05, 2014

Interesting Reads on the Radar to Start the Trading Week

*  Above you can see the Momentum Curve, described in this earlier post.  What we're doing is tracking the percentage of SPX stocks trading above their various moving averages, plotted against SPX.  You can see the dynamics of the recent drop and bounce, as we double-bottomed in downside momentum and now have shifted sharply higher in the shorter-term measures.  The alignment of the various portions of the curve is a nice way of capturing markets that are overbought or oversold on various time horizons.

*  Kudos to Traders4ACause for an excellent conference.  There were excellent speakers and great opportunities for networking.  It was interesting speaking with Michail Shadkin, who has won numerous poker, gambling, and trading tournaments.  Check out some of his trading insights; clearly he's leveraged his skills at gambling into valuable trading practices.

*  The challenges of shorting GPRO and other great views from Abnormal Returns.

Worthwhile summaries of academic research that has practical implications for trading markets.

Have a great start to the week!