Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sector Money Flow and Other Trading Perspectives and Resources

*  Money flow, sector by sector, is measured by multiplying ETF price by the number of ETF shares outstanding and tracking over time.  Since the start of the year, money has flown out of SPY.  The consumer discretionary sector has seen the greatest percentage outflows; the utilities sector the greatest inflows, followed by the two commodity-related sectors.  Sector rotation has dominated the year to date, with small caps and NASDAQ shares recently underperforming large caps and yield-related sectors (consumer staples, utilities) recently outperforming growth sectors (technology, consumer discretionary).

Useful links on sector performance and more from Abnormal Returns.

*  Hats off to the Macro Man blog for excellent perspectives on markets and macroeconomics, including this recent post on global influences on wage growth.

*  Into stock screening?  Here's a useful tool from FinViz.  Here's a useful tool from MSN

*  Worth a read and a re-read:  what makes money managers successful, from Howard Marks.

Nice example of scenario building and preparation from SMB's Steve Spencer.

*  A pill for trading performance?  Here's a unique direction in the search for trading profits.

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