Thursday, May 01, 2014

Living the Passionate Life

It is much easier to ride the ups and downs of markets and trading performance if you have a deep relationship that remains steady through life's ups and downs.  Maslow had it right:  we only soar once our core needs are fulfilled.  It is difficult to pour ourselves into our life's dreams if we're facing our own inner void.  

Reflecting on Margie's birthday yesterday, I realized anew that the best gifts we give are experiences, not things.  Experiences deepen and nourish relationships in ways that ordinary things cannot.  So each year, Margie and I do an out-of-the-box trip together and see and do things we would ordinarily never experience.  Last year was Greece and Turkey; this year is northern Alaska; next year will be Scandinavia.

Those experiences are also great times to get away from markets and focus on life's larger picture.  It is rare that such out-of-box experiences don't lead to fresh perspectives about life, priorities--and, yes, even markets.

A while back I wrote about an insight someone shared with me:  "Love doesn't die; it has to be killed."  But it's equally true that love doesn't grow; it has to be nourished.

That is true of our love for markets and for the loves of our lives.

Feed your passions and you will live a passionate life.

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