Sunday, February 23, 2014

Integrating Quantitative and Discretionary Approaches to Trading

In coming days, I'll be posting on the topic of integrating quantitative approaches to trading with qualitative, discretionary approaches.  I find that good things can happen when talented, experienced discretionary traders can further their edges with well-backtested market patterns.  Historical research tells us what has happened in the past given a set of circumstances.  The pattern recognition of the discretionary trader sheds light on whether such past patterns are indeed playing themselves out in the present.

Shoutout to Larry Connors for finding The Whole Street, a useful compendium of quant-related blog material.  The site also has a blogroll with many promising sources of quant insight.  

A site I'll be playing with in the near future is Paststat, which tests a wide range of trading patterns. 

Are there other quant-oriented sites that you've found helpful in your research and trading?  Please share via comments; thanks!

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