Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting Away From Markets: Saturday Links

*  Shout out to Scott Lesh, who has designed beautiful jewelry from the copper roofing material recovered from the renovation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unitarian Church in Madison, WI.  His "Suspension" pendant was one of the Valentine's presents I selected.  I love the idea of wearing a piece of a Wright building...

*  Shout out as well to Decicco's FoodMarket in Brewster, NY:  not only is the entire back of the store a world-class selection of craft beers, but there's an actual craft beer bar in the store where you can sample the products.  Hint:  the Decicco collaboration with Evil Twin to produce a unique version of Imperial Biscotti Break is worth the visit if you're in the NYC area.

The music video I watch with Mia Bella; we love the cat on the couch.

*  Talk about great music videos:  check out Pinn Panelle's redo of Skrillex and the bass guitar played with a magnetic field.  Truly creative effort.

Quantified Self is a great resource for performance-based self-monitoring apps and tools.  I particularly like the units that assess sleep quality each night...significant correlation between sleep quality and mood/energy level/productivity.

Excellent research articles on creativity and performance from Darya Zabelina.  My next book (scheduled to be completed late this year) will devote considerable attention to methods for expanding creativity.

Have a great weekend!