Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Potpourri: Weekend Perspectives

* What to look for and what to do when trading demons get out of control;

* How to change yourself: seek out discrepancy;

* Is there an evolutionary purpose behind depression?

* Wise words about making sacrifices for success;

* The Prediction Wizard site offers its forecasts and a trading blog;

* A contrarian view on market response to consumer confidence numbers;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for this article on the value of checklists;

* A look at stock valuations and more good links;

* U.S. stock market closing stronger after European markets close;

* What's strong and weak among ETFs;

* Dual divergences and reversals in the stock market;

* Reflections on Fannie Mae and short selling restrictions;

* Buffett betting on housing recovery;

* Lessons not learned from the market decline;

* Lots of noise in recent government economic data.