Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Trading Is All About

Think of your view of the ideal person: who they are, what they represent, how they behave, what is important to them, what they undertake. Think hard about what makes this ideal person admirable. Create a character in your imagination: your personal hero or heroine.

Now think about how you have been like or unlike this ideal today.

How will you be like that hero or heroine tomorrow?

What is the gap between your real and ideal: between you as you are and you as you, deep down, know you can be?

How can you start to bridge that gap now? Tomorrow?

Trading is just one of those bridges. There are many others: career fields, relationships, competitive sports.

All, pursued properly, bring us closer to our ideals; toward that person we most admire.

Could there be any greater, nobler pursuit in life than the quest for the ideal: staking a claim to our proper place in the firmament?