Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Two Worthwhile Trading Blog Sites

Just a quick note to highlight some very good trading material on a couple of blog sites. First is the blog for SMB Trading, which is coming up with consistently good posts about intraday plays and the process of trading. Some recent gems include Dov's blog on the importance of patience in trading; Bella's look at a support-based setup in WAG; and GMan's insights into the importance of adapting to shifting market conditions.

A second very useful and informative trading blogsite is the Trade Order Flow site written by Matt Fahmie. Recent worthwhile posts include recognizing range days early in the session and an after-action performance review video that highlights both trading insights and trading mistakes for the day. Lots of good information about the application of Market Profile to trading on this site.

It's a pleasure to highlight the excellent work of others; amidst all the hype and hysteria, there are great resources on the Web if you look hard enough.