Friday, April 03, 2009

Meeting the Bloggers at the Los Angeles Traders Expo

After exchanging a few emails today, it looks as though I'll be doing a presentation at the Los Angeles Traders Expo on Saturday morning, June 3rd. I'll post further details as we approach the date. It will be an hour-long presentation focusing on practical techniques for improving self-control and mastery. It will be fun to get together with traders after the talk for a little informal coaching time.

I'm pleased to see that a couple of my favorite bloggers will also be at the event. Corey Rosenbloom of the Afraid to Trade blog will be conducting a June 6th session on trade setups. Brian Shannon of Alphatrends will offer a June 3rd workshop on integrating time frames in trading. Both Corey and Brian generously contributed perspectives to my new book; they have a lot to offer on the technical side of trading.

Hope to meet Left Coast readers there!