Monday, April 06, 2009

Dr. Brett's Midday Rant

OK, just a quick rant.

I've been getting a number of emails lately. They share several characteristics:

1) They're written by people who I do not know, do not know me, and have never shown prior interest in the blog or anything else I've done;

2) They begin with no personal introduction whatsoever, quelling any possible doubt as to the writer's utter lack of social skills;

3) They launch into a description of some product or service that the writer would like me to market for them;

4) They elaborate even further promotions that I could perform on their behalf;

5) They offer nary a fig leaf of consideration or compensation for the advertising and public relations I am supposed to perform.

So, to all self-promoters who contemplate one of these emails in the future, I offer this question: How is your communication to me different from going into a bar, approaching the nearest reasonably attractive female, and asking her to f*ck?

No prior acquaintance.
No introduction or conversation.
No pretense at a two-way exchange of value.
Just presumption and absorption in your own need.

And, no, I don't want any consideration or compensation for promoting other people. It's about promoting ideas, promoting the best within people. Speak to that and we'll have a conversation. Otherwise, save the lame pick-up lines for your fellow market idiots.

There. Now I feel much better. :-)