Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's Missing From Your Charts?

Dear Readers,

An interesting development recently arose: I'll be meeting with a software firm tomorrow to discuss features that they might add to their charting programs. This is an informal meeting, not a paid consultation. My sense is that they have read the blog and are very open to feedback from users, including suggestions regarding new features.

So here's a quick poll: What unique information, indicators, statistics, and features would you like to see included in a charting package? What are some functionalities that would be valuable to your trading that you're not currently finding in your platform? Be creative!

Leave your suggestions as comments to this blog post, and I will bring the list to my meeting. This could be a nice opportunity to create greater value for traders. And, if the suggested features are incorporated, I'm hopeful we'll be seeing a special free trial for blog readers. Thanks as always for your interest and support.


Some of Brett's likely suggestions:

* Charting of Cumulative NYSE TICK
* Charting of relative volume (how today's volume compares with past X days)
* Charting of pivot/price target levels
* Charting of intraday money flow