Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Power of a Single Premise

Consider what your trading development would be like if you accepted the simple premise that, in some measure and on some occasions, you are already the trader you wish to become.

What if, at times, you already recognize market patterns, generate solid trading ideas, and manage risk well? What if you don't need to work on your trading problems at all and, instead, simply need to harness the influences that enable you to trade well?

What if everything you need to succeed is already part of who you are and what you do? What if the only change you require is to become more consistent with your strengths and competencies?

Would you still seek out advice from gurus? Would you still look for answers in the latest indicators and systems? Or would you devote yourself to becoming the best you can be--enacting the best within you--confident that the answers you seek have been part of you all along?

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