Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three Stock Picking Resources on the Web

Here are several resources that might be of interest in selecting stocks for trading or investment:

Alpha Clone - This is a new site that pulls stock holding information from the filings of money managers, so that you can see what the pros are investing in. You can calculate performance metrics for various portfolios and "clone" the strategies used by your favorite investors, such as Warren Buffett. The site is offering a free guest pass to interested traders;

StockPickr - This site includes stock selections from both professional money managers and a community of users. One very nice feature for active traders features trading systems, including system trades of the day. There are spotlight portfolios that highlight specific themes and updated lists of top rated portfolios;

StockScouter - This site from MSN rates stocks across both fundamental and technical criteria, creating a 1 -10 rating system. You can follow a portfolio of the top ten rated stocks or create your own portfolios from the ratings. The site also features portfolios from MSN Money contributors and categorizes top rated stocks by sector;

If you have other favorite stock-picking tools, please share them in a comment to this post.