Friday, December 05, 2008

Help Myke Find A Home for Storm

Myke Hideous of the legendary Empire Hideous band is actually far more benign than his picture might suggest. After all, not many people would use the online medium to reach out to fans in an effort to find a home for a gentle Rottweiler. Myke rescued the dog and arranged for her surgery; soon it will be time for Storm to find a home. I'm using this post to pass along Myke's message below and help him finish his good deed. If you or anyone you know might want a furry friend for a holiday present, please let me know, and I'll help put everyone in touch. My email is listed on the blog page under the section "About Me". To sweeten the pot, I will send a free signed copy of my new book and arrange a free trading psychology/coaching consultation for the person who finds Storm a good home. Thanks for opening your heart at holiday time.


From Myke:

I'm quite pleased to announce that last week she had a successful operation conducted by the Humane Society veterinarians of Newark, NJ, to adjust her dislocated, back femur. She is currently recuperating nicely, but her dilemma is not over yet. With the surgery now over, the next step is to find her a home and get her out of the HS. She will be in recovery for the next 2.5 - 3 weeks, until the HS is ready to move her from the medical building to the adoption kennel. According to a rep at the HS, a photograph of Storm will not be made available until she is ready for the adoption program. (Apparently, these are the HS rules.) As I mentioned in my last bulletin, I would have gladly adopted Storm myself, however, after pleading for the opportunity to do so, I was informed that my building now has a "no dogs allowed" policy. Nevertheless, I swore it my duty to do whatever it takes to find this abused animal a good home. This message goes out to everyone interested in adopting Storm, or willing to help find her a place to live. Please pass this information on to anyone that can help this neglected animal. 1.5 year old, loveable Rottweiler mix. Strong,large body, well tempered with people. From my experience while helping her that night, she seems to be the devoted type.