Sunday, November 30, 2008

Site Seeing Excursion for a Sunday Eve

* More Linking to Come - When I began the Twitter "blog within a blog", about 200 traders signed up for the free subscription and I was quite pleased. Now that the Twitter "tweets" include market stats, links to market themes, and links to relevant blog posts, the subscription level has risen to above 1200. I'm always happy to help showcase good work; if you are a blogger writing on themes of special relevance to Trader Feed readers, by all means email me the URLs and I'll include in a Twitter blast.

* Reviewing Performance
- Here's an instructive example of a professional trader's end of month review. See also this post on avoiding overtrading.

* A Bear Market Look - How the current market stacks up with mega bear markets of the past.

* Resistance Overhead - Trader Mike reviews the markets after a week's rally.

* Metal or the Miners? - Jeff Miller takes a fresh look at gold.

* Market Views - Ray Barros has been drawing upon Austrian economics to offer his market views.

* Good Reads - Market at fair value, 10-year yields and risk aversion, and other market themes.

* Monitoring Credit Markets - The Learning Markets site explains the LIBOR-OIS spread.