Sunday, November 09, 2008

Call To Bloggers and More on Learning Markets

* Call to Bloggers - Thanks to the Twitter feature, which provides a blog within this blog, I'm able to link to blog posts that offer unique perspectives on trading and the markets. I'm looking particularly for interesting analytical content, not opinion pieces, emotive posts on markets and government policies, self-promotional material, or first person trading accounts. If you have a unique analysis of trading or markets (not necessarily quantitative), by all means pass along the URL and I'll be happy to link to your work. (My email address is on the blog page, under "About Me"). BTW, I just posted my 4000th Twitter post; thanks to readers for the continued interest.

* Viewing and Reviewing Markets
- SSK continues to offer nice examples of learning from market patterns by reviewing charts and by reviewing patterns of successful trading via video.

* Reviewing the Week - Jeff Pietsch offers a market rewind; check out the extensive sector ETF info in the table accompanying his post.

* Learning to Trade - Ana Wang notes that it takes more than spoon feeding.

* Annoyance - When the car service isn't there to pick you up at the airport.

* Only 499 Being Offered - Sweet!