Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Site Seeing Tour for Tuesday

* Continued Weakness - Across the NYSE, NASDAQ, and ASE, we had 3188 issues make fresh 20-day lows and only 75 new 20-day highs. The Cumulative NYSE TICK and intraday advance-decline lines have done an excellent job of highlighting the lack of buying sentiment in the recent market.

* Facing Drawdowns - Making choices when in drawdown mode: a valuable view from MarketSci. See also the post re: large overnight gaps and implications for the next day's trade.

* High Yield Bonds - Which perform better: those that are issued as speculative grade or those fallen angels that were once graded higher? Interesting research from Fridson and Sterling.

* More Good Reading - Three percent moves per day as the new norm, the strong dollar, and other worthwhile links from Abnormal Returns; Markets changing for the worse and other good updates from Trader Mike.

* Golden - Gold is outperforming other commodities; its "real price" soars.

* Biofeedback and Stress - Here's a perspective relevant to traders from Heart Math.