Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Market Tells: A Worthwhile Trading Resource

Every so often, I alert readers to services and resources that I have found helpful. I am not compensated for mentioning these; in fact, the mentions are never directly solicited. But if it's a resource that I use and find helpful, I'm happy to pass the word along.

Today's resource post focuses on Market Tells, the advisory service run by Rennie Yang. Market Tells is one of the few advisory services I know that follows markets intraday as well as end-of-day; the email alerts during the day are quite useful observations. Also tracked intraday is one of my favorite indicators, the Cumulative TICK (see above), as well as a variety of intraday internals. The charting section of the site includes a wide range of indicators updated daily, including program trading activity, volatility measures, longer-term cumulative TICK, and new highs/lows.

A unique feature is the Trend Catcher trading system, which alerts traders to trend days (those that are likely to close near their day's high or low prices) as they unfold. Trend Catcher signals are sent by email; I find them quite worthwhile.

When I mentioned to Rennie that I'd be featuring his site, he kindly agreed to provide TraderFeed readers with free access to the Market Tells site (not including email alerts, sorry!) until November 7th. To take advantage of the offer, here's the login information:

username: traderfeed
password: demo

Are there other resources you find helpful to your trading? If so, feel free to make mention in the comment section to this post (please, no self-promotion). Thanks!