Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday Perspectives on Markets and Trading

* Peak Oil - I've been reading the book Profit From the Peak by Brian Hicks and Chris Nelder and have found it to be well-researched and informative. The book not only covers oil and the implications of declining oil production, but also the prospects of alternative energy sources. The authors highlight companies involved in the alternative energy space as ways of trading this theme.

* Follow the Leaders - The recent blog post noted three themes worth tracking in the current market. Note how all three behaved during yesterday's reversal and breakout: they continue to be worth tracking. There are many ways of following the themes; note how Kirk is tracking many of them. On a different note, check out Kirk's observation re: the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. We can't grow if we're always doing the same things; our anxiety sometimes points the way to our greatest development.

* Bipolar Markets - The Essentials of Trading blog takes a look at the challenge of trading markets that are sharply up and down.

* Size Matters - Excellent observation on the importance of trade sizing from the Proprietary Trader blog.

* Poker Perspectives - Nice to have Don Miller back; here's his views on poker and trading.

* Good Reading - Trader Mike's updates include questions about the VIX and whether the commodity rally is over. Abnormal Returns offers several views on diversification, wind power, and more.

* Treating the Rich - Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out this interesting article on the challenges of serving as a therapist to the wealthy.

* Trading and Market Views - I notice the Greenfaucet site offers a number of writers and market perspectives; worth a look.

* Trading From the Tape - MySMP offers some perspectives on trading with data from the time and sales window. See also their views on trading breakouts.