Thursday, July 03, 2008

Views on Markets and Traders

* A Philosophy of Coaching - Brief therapy perspectives on changing the patterns that affect our trading.

* When History Doesn't Repeat - The recent blog post was quite applicable to Wednesday's trading: bullish expectations, bearish market behavior. Seeing when markets deviate from their historical scripts itself becomes a useful indicator.

* Twittering Away - Suppose someone was to alert you when credible articles on market-moving themes appear online, notify you of economic reports due out for the trading day, and summarize indicators that capture the strength and weakness of the market--and suppose it was free for anyone who signs up? That's what I'm trying to accomplish with the Twitter app, and already the list of posts is approaching 3000. Once I finish the book and return to more regular trading, I'll include trading signals in the Twitter "tweets". That should be fun.

* Good Question - The Big Picture asks if the pundits are too optimistic, or if the public is too gloomy.

* Triple Bottom? - Trader Mike finds this and other worthy topics among his link updates.

* Missed Opportunity - GlobeTrader offers unusual insight into the dynamics of missing trades.

* Being Prepared - Ray Barros, with an excellent post on the value of contingency plans.

* Trading Multiple Timeframes - Great trading lesson from Brian Shannon.

* Market Wisdom - Chris Perruna offers choice quotes from Bernard Baruch.

* Messy Market - WSJ MarketBeat notes the beating in the coal sector and cross-currents on a down day.