Friday, November 16, 2007

Stock Market Sentiment and Other Ideas to Wrap Up the Week

* Sentiment Spikes - Above we see the 10-day equity put/call ratio (pink) plotted against the S&P 500 Index (SPY) from 2004 to the present. You can see how spikes in the ratio have tended to accompany intermediate-term market lows. We're currently experiencing such a spike.

* A Bevy of Links - Charles Kirk covers most the bases, including a look at what the top market timers are thinking about this market.

* Oldie But Goodie - This is a timeless and insightful post written a while back by Trader Mike on the topic of expectancy.

* Intuition and the Brain - Very interesting overview from Dr. Janice Dorn on the role of intuition in trading and information processing.

* Trading Tools to Use - Ray Barros, with an insightful commentary on finding the trading tools that match your ways of processing information.

* Regulations and Volatility - Adam takes a skeptical look at whether eliminating the uptick rule has affected volatility.

* Pain, Torture, and Abuse - Todd Chalem's blog post to the VesTopia site nicely captures some of the frustration portfolio managers are feeling in the current market.