Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ideas Floating Around on a Tuesday Morning

* On the Radar - A while back I blogged about INTC and the favorable money flows in that issue. Since that time, despite the recent market pullback, INTC has shown positive money flows and a 10-day flow well ahead of its 200-day average. I note that, thus far today in a weak market, INTC is holding its own. Worth keeping an eye on.

* 10-Year Rates Hit 5.225% - Tuesday AM has been another one of those periods where identifying and trading a dominant theme has paid off handsomely.

* Views From Trader Mike - His updates are a regular part of my daily reading; now he offers his own interview from TradingInteviews.com.

* Playing the Long Side Safely - Some stock ideas from Barry Ritholtz. His screening criteria are most informative.

* More Fine Idea Links - Abnormal Returns finds more nuggets in the Blogosphere, including a view on overvaluation in China.

* Overvalued ETFs - A hedge fund manager writing for Seeking Alpha offers his view on some sucker bets among ETFs. Great example of doing your homework and generating an idea.

* Dreams and Visions - Dr. Bruce Hong offers a valuable perspective on the difference between being a daydreamer and a visionary.