Sunday, June 10, 2007

Idea Generation for a Sunday

* Money Flows Are Near A Buying Zone - I've updated my Adjusted Relative Dollar Volume Flow figures for eight S&P 500 sectors and for the S&P 500 Index as a whole. We've dipped below the 200 day average level of flow, a situation that has recently marked good intermediate-term buying opportunities.

* How to Track Trends on an Intraday Basis - My latest post to the Trader Performance page outlines my four favorite tools for staying on the right side of short-term trends.

* How You Think Affects How You Trade - IMO, this is one of my best TraderFeed posts of late. It helps to explain why traders can oscillate between overconfidence/overtrading and lack of confidence/anxiety.

* Diversifying Your Capital - Here's a very thoughtful post from Dave Johnson. Also take a look at Dave's backtest of a McClellan signal and what it's saying for the current market and Dave's discussion of market myths. Flat out great site.

* Three Perspectives on Peak Performance - Some of you might not be familiar with this free video from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange featuring Doug Hirschhorn, Denise Shull, and yours truly. Out of the talks, you might just come away with concrete ideas for working on your trading.

* Using a Tool to Improve Performance - Trade Ideas has posted a very interesting case study of a professional trader who consulted with their staff to develop new trading strategies. I see they are now making such consultation available to users. Their Odds Maker tool backtests strategies over a 3 week lookback period without users needing to do any programming--and then screens the market and issues alerts when the strategies are triggered. Interesting concept for discretionary traders looking to solidify a market edge.

* How to Test Market Ideas - Interested in testing your market ideas? Victor Niederhoffer reports on a promising book that explains correlational tests. See also his interesting review of a book that explains the benefits of free markets. I heartily suggest you scour the archives of the Daily Speculations site for a variety of interesting perspectives and reviews that you'd never find elsewhere. Hats off to Victor and Laurel Kenner for keeping the Spec List alive and well day after day for many years. Great resource for idea generation.