Saturday, March 17, 2007

TraderFeed Video: March Dollar Flows

Well, it's my first video effort, so be gentle! Need to work on the graphics quality in .wmv mode and could be smoother, but after crashing the computer and losing my files more times than I care to count, it's nice to see some fruits of an afternoon's labor.

The basic idea here is a bottoms-up notion: By tracking the dollars flowing into and out of sectors within the S&P 500 universe, we can detect if large institutions are accumulating or distributing stocks. That, in turn, will help us determine whether we're putting in a market bottom after the recent decline or whether further weakness may be in store. This was very helpful in my decision to not jump in and buy following the large market decline on the 27th, and it continues to guide my intermediate-term perspective.

Hope the video provides some guidance for your trading this coming week.