Sunday, March 25, 2007

Resources For Trading And Market Psychology

Over the course of the last several years, I suspect I've written close to 1000 articles and posts related to the psychology of traders and markets. At some point, I'll organize all this material into a single, indexed database. For now, however, there are several ways of tapping into the knowledge base:

1) Archived Articles - The articles page on my personal site groups articles by topic (Trading Psychology and Trading Techniques) and also lists the articles in chronological order. I recently updated the Articles page. There are now nearly 200 articles available; all can be downloaded free, without registration. I ask only that they, like the other articles, not be reproduced on other sites.

2) Trader Performance Page - Here is where I sketch out new research and trading ideas, particularly those related to performance improvement. Over 30 favorite and recent entries are linked.

3) TraderFeed Archives - Over 700 posts to TraderFeed are archived on the site. These include posts on the market, on trader psychology, and on trading performance. A great way to search through the archives is to perform an advanced search on Technorati. Just go to the Technorati home page, click on "advanced search" at top right, and then enter "ALL of the words" in your Keyword Search and enter the TraderFeed URL where it designates to "Search In". For instance, you can enter "NYSE TICK" where it prompts you to "Show Posts That Contain" and the TraderFeed URL on the last line of the "Search In" options and up will pop all TraderFeed posts that discuss the NYSE TICK.

4) Seeking Alpha Archives - I'm gradually accumulating market-related posts in the Seeking Alpha archives, with over 25 entries at present. These focus more on stocks, ETFs, and markets than on trader psychology.

If I've written about it, you'll find it in one of those four places. As far as I can tell, it's the largest archive of trading psychology-related articles in the world. My hope is that it can serve as a resource base for traders interested in learning more about themselves and their markets. Thanks for the interest--