Thursday, February 15, 2007

Open Mic: A TraderFeed Invitation

Well, it struck me that I talk a lot about being consistent in trading, but--as the fine folks at note--that only matters if you're not consistently bad.

Fortunately, there are many traders who read this blog who are not screwups, so I'd like to extend an invitation:

If you would like to be a morning host and post your ideas about how the market is trading, what trades you're making, etc., I will be very happy to turn the "mic" over to you for a session. What this means is that we'd have the possibility of learning from more people and seeing a variety of ways of approaching markets.

I'm open to traders who trade different instruments and time frames. Nor do you need to be a "Market Wizard" in order to post your ideas and trades. It just takes a willingness to share ideas, even when those come from losing trades. But all of us learn from how to take losers (and how to use losing trades as information), just as we can learn from winners.

So if you'd like to be a morning host or co-host for the market comments, I'll give you authorship access for the blog for that day. I might also comment on your comments (but will let you lead the way). And I look forward to being a student, too. If you're a blogger/trader, author, or trading coach, I'll be only too happy to use this site to highlight the good work that you do.

Don't be shy; let's learn from each other! My email address is at the right on the TraderFeed home page under the heading "About Me". Thanks for your interest and support--