Monday, January 01, 2007

Trading Psychology and Trader Performance: Selected Posts From 2006, Volume Two

Happy New Year! My previous entry culled through the January-June archives and picked out some of my favorite posts on the topics of trader and market psychology. Here are a few of my favorites from July through September:

* Smooth vs. choppy moves and what they mean: Part one, two;

* What it means when there are lots of bears out there;

* What every short-term trader should know; one of my best posts, IMO;

* Why attacking your trading problems can be a mistake;

* Markets and people are wired differently;

* NYSE TICK and stock market momentum;

* Identifying breakout trades;

* Mean reversion as a trading strategy;

* The need for dynamic thinking in trading;

* What a market's opening minutes tell us;

* A framework for looking at markets, short-term;

* Why it's easy to lose money when trading;

* Trading opening gaps, Part One, Two;

* Life lessons from trading;

* What contributes to trader success?

* Shifts in the NYSE TICK and their significance;

* A very simple psychological test;

* What a lack of discipline can teach us;

* The multiple personality of the stock market;

* Learning how to lose at trading;

* Becoming your own trading coach;

* How people make changes;

* Identifying market reversals;

* Lessons from sport psychology;

* An important psychological skill for traders: Part One, Two;

* Figuring out how much opportunity is in the market;