Friday, December 01, 2006

A Few Housekeeping Details

I hope the recent posts on trading macro relationships helped you with this morning's trade. When you finish trading, notice how we traded going into the 9 AM CT reports and right afterward, focusing on bonds, currencies, and size hitting bids in the stock indices. This has been a very profitable pattern recently.

I'm pleased to report that my personal site is up and running, so all the Trading Psychology Weblogs are now up to date. Also check out my new article on identifying your best practices; it highlights one of the most common shortcomings of trading journals.

Finally, I'm shooting for this coming Wednesday, December 6th, for another "Morning With the Doc" session. We'll follow the market in real time and track patterns in the macro markets, as well as the various stock sectors. A few people have asked me questions about "tape reading", which I'll try to touch upon in the morning session.

Have a great day--