Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Coming Changes in TraderFeed

I recently mentioned changes to the Trading Psychology Weblog that will integrate the indicators, research, and links into a day-to-day trading outlook for short-term traders. I've already received excellent feedback on the changes--and on further suggested changes. Thanks much.

Not one to stand still, I'm also in the process of making changes in TraderFeed that will broaden its content (and hopefully its usefulness):

1) We'll see more Morning With the Doc sessions in 2007 to illustrate how research and the reading of short-term volume and intermarket patterns can aid short-term trading. Indeed, I'm shooting for another Morning session this coming Tuesday, December 19th; stay tuned!

2) I will be broadening out the research to include longer time frames and multiple trading instruments. I am especially interested in identifying historical patterns among the universe of ETFs. This will potentially provide many more trading ideas of merit, as we look to benefit from both the right trading vehicles and the right timing of trades;

3) I hope to broaden the content of TraderFeed. You'll notice that selected TraderFeed posts are now picked up on the excellent Seeking Alpha site and may be available through Yahoo! Finance as well. I will also provide Seeking Alpha with some original market psychology research on sentiment and historical patterns among the various ETFs and alternative trading vehicles. These articles will also be linked on the Weblog, of course.

4) As part of broadening out the content, I will be addressing more of the intermarket, global/macro themes that affect the market's big trends. One of the reasons I'm particularly looking forward to working with Seeking Alpha is the site's commitment to international perspectives/markets and its interest in democratizing editorial content by enabling readers to interview industry leaders. If they do this right (and I think they will), this will lead to many worthwhile global conversations about markets, trends, and research.

As with the Weblog, I welcome ideas and suggestions and greatly appreciate the interest and support of readers. With the increasing globalization of markets and the rapidly expanding universe of trading and investment options, it only makes sense to take the blog research and content beyond the short-term patterns in the S&P index.