Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reminder About Tonight's Free Webinar

Quick reminder of this evening's free webinar on the topic of How to Get to the Next Level of Trading Performance. Registration and webinar details can be found here; some of the topics I'll be covering can be found here. Thanks to readers for their topic suggestions.

As I mentioned earlier, the session will be recorded and available for download. I'll post details once they're available to me.

One important element of improving trading performance is having a framework for making sense of markets, as well as a framework for how you'll trade your particular time frame. That's the Grand Strategy and Strategy that I referred to in my recent post. Too many traders approach markets on an ad-hoc basis: they'll base decisions on indicators some of the time, charts other times, fundamental information yet other times, news stories, the latest market move, on and on.

I'll be addressing this in an upcoming post.