Saturday, March 27, 2010

Behavioral Finance and Other Good Reading to Start the Week

* Ten defining features of successful traders;

* The P/L ups and downs of trading successfully;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for this link to a study on how people can learn to identify real vs. random charts;

* Thanks also to a savvy trader for the link to this useful slideshow overview of behavioral finance;

* What money managers are expecting: a look at consensus;

* Federal government getting deeper into the housing market;

* Government can't create artificial demand for housing that was artificially inflated to begin with;

* A fresh look at new high/new lows data;

* The problems of trying to get out of debt by taking on more debt;

* Data not suggesting a double-dip recession.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

Hey Dr. Brett,

Been a while since I commented on your blog...

I saw that ARORA random thing and was playing it last week. My first session had about a 85% hit rate. I would recognize the real patterns instantly and go with my gut. No thought.

Second session I wasn't in the zone though and did horribly.