Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Reading: Strategies and Perspectives

* Options Strategy - Condor Options shares their strategy for making money from iron condors. See the iron condor links on that page, including trading rules.

* The Learner's Focus - Henry Carstens on what learners should focus on--and it's not winning.

* What the VIX Tells Us - Daily Options Report looks at the message from VIX options. More perspectives on those options from VIX and More.

* A Market Leader - Market Sci examines how semis lead the broad stock market.

* The Value of Being a Maverick - CXO Advisory summarizes research on unique hedge fund strategies.

* Sector Views - A Dash of Insight offers weekly perspectives on sectors and ETFs.

* Trading Rules - Globetrader offers an interesting set, covering just about every facet of trading.


Niftytrader said...

Thanks Brett for the Iron Candor link. Beyond some reference to risk mgmt, they still never say how to manage the trade when it starts going against you, which is the biggest downside of this strategy

Condor Trader said...


We've actually written extensively on managing trades that go against you, on both the blog and on our members-only site; we teach our subscribers to manage risk using the greeks, which makes trading decisions more objective.

If you have any questions about the strategy, feel free to contact us on our site.

Condor Options