Monday, August 18, 2008

No Bulls In This China Shop and Other Market Ideas

* No Gold Medal For This Market - China's Shanghai A index continues to make new lows, having been cut by more than half in the past year. Whereas we've seen a bounce in U.S. stocks since mid-July, no such strength has been evident among China's shares. Note falling commodities as well; this is not a market that's pricing in growth.

* Austrian Economics Perspective - Ray Barros examines the implications of free-market economics.

* A Grand Slam System - bzbtrader offers a tested system idea that looks like its name.

* Poker and Trading - Eerie similarity among patterns of mistakes chronicled by Don Miller.

* Oil and Equities - Are they really correlated? Market Rewind takes a look. See also his take on gold and the U.S. dollar.

* Changing Market Patterns - Excellent analysis from MarketSci shows how patterns have shifted among Treasuries.

* Options for Rookies - Mark Wolfinger offers his take on the perils of overconfidence.

* Locating Longer-Term Value - Nice Market Profile perspective from Traders Tee Time.

* Tracking Markets - A few tools and perspectives for assessing market direction from My SMP.


IDkit aka Ana said...


There is a follow-up on Ray's Austrian Economics Perspectives today.

Aman said...

In response to: Poker and Trading - Eerie similarity among patterns of mistakes chronicled by Don Miller.

There is something fascinating about the pain of losing. I myself don't play my best if the pain of losing is still not there. It's what makes me tick. Even though it may sound like bad advice you may find you play better at a slightly higher level where the game is big enough that there is enough pain when things go wrong and a lot of pleasure when things go right. That way you don't have to look for that pain by losing initially. Why the need for pain? Because, when your thoughts are "absorbed" by the action the "I" disappears, and you're alert and present. I feel, like most animals, we need pain or danger to do that- to zone in.