Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Little Toppiness in the Stock Market?

After peaking on Monday, when we saw 2096 20-day highs and 699 lows, the cumulative NYSE TICK remained under pressure for most of the week. Though the market rose on Friday and new 20-day highs rose from 953 to 1285, we also saw an expansion of 20-day lows (from 499 to 547). I will be closely watching the cumulative TICK and 20-day highs/lows (which I post each AM via Twitter) to see if this represents a shift in market strength.

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Samuelsson said...

Hi Brett,
Thanks for a great blog! Just curious, what sources of data do you use in order to calculate the cumulative adjusted TICK? If you don't mind sharing, it would be great to know.

All the best!