Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CNBC Appearance And Morning With The Doc

Looks like we'll do it all over again with a CNBC appearance on Friday at 7 PM Eastern/6 PM Central. I'll post details as soon as I have them. Apparently my telling the audience that my trading advice came from a celebrity guest's prostitute didn't prevent a future appearance... :-)

Also, just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Thursday) AM before the open, I'll start my posts for a morning session tracking the market in real time. I suggested some readings as preparation for the session in an earlier post; here are other relevant readings:

* NYSE TICK and momentum effects;

* Anatomy of market breakouts;

* Using the opening minutes to gauge the day's trade;

* Gauging shifts in the NYSE TICK as a sign of directional movement;

* The structure of market reversals.

Let's see if we can apply some of these ideas as markets are trading! Thanks for the interest and support--



AnaTrader said...

Hi Brett

Just closed my trade on ES and as usual with volatility after FOMC, learning to capture about 8/10 pts gain for intraday trade.

Hope to catch your interview on CNBC on Friday 7pmET, if aired in Spore.

Hitting the sack now...4.22am Sing time.

curt504 said...

Hay Brett,

Great work on the video! I'm interested in your study of the flow in/out which stocks? Knowledge of which stocks are having accumulation/distribution has obvious useful purposes. :)

tnx curt

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi AnaTrader,

Yes, it was a classic breakout move, with a surge in TICK, volume, price and then pullback toward zero TICK before the move resumed. Congrats!


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi Curt,

Thanks for the note. I follow 40 stocks tracking eight S&P 500 sectors. I am finding the sector data very promising and useful. I'll post more, including the specific stocks I'm tracking, in the very near future--


Gabriel said...

HAhaha. The prostitute comment had me ejecting my coffee through my Nostrils. Hilarious!

Seriously though. I'm becoming dependent on your research. At times I feel like a Junky Jonesing for a fix. Thank you for doing it.


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks, Gabriel. The research provides some context, but the challenge ultimately is to incorporate the work from sites such as mine, SentimenTrader, and Market Tells into your own trading style and ways of viewing markets. Trading with an opinion, but remaining flexible as markets trade to revise that opinion, is an important--but difficult--skill.