Friday, November 10, 2023

Developing Spirituality Through Our Trading - Free Webinar

Radical Renewal is an online book written in blog format.  Each blog post is a chapter, covering a topic we rarely consider:  the spirituality of trading.  About a year ago, I wrote a popular post on "Evidence-Based Spirituality", detailing how spiritual practices have been found to boost our emotional and physical well-being.  Still, the concept of trading spirituality almost seems like an oxymoron.  After all, isn't trading about making money?!

We know that emotions can get in the way of trading, but why do rational people suddenly face problems like "tilt" when they are immersed in markets?

The answer that Radical Renewal proposes is that problematic trading comes from the ego.  Successful trading comes from the soul.

So what is the soul?  How can we develop our soul-fullness?  How can we make trading a renewing, fulfilling activity and not an activity that takes over our lives and depletes us?  What does recent research evidence tell us about how we can live lives of fulfillment and meaning?

On Monday, November 27th at 4:15 PM ET after the NYSE close, I will host a free online webinar on the topic of trading spirituality.  We will look very specifically at ways in which we can develop spiritually through our work in financial markets.  Signup info will be following...stay tuned.

A few questions to leave you with:  

*  What are you doing in your trading right now that is making you a better person?  

*  How does your trading benefit your personal relationships?

*  What is so meaningful in your trading processes that you can feel fulfilled even during inevitable periods of drawdown?

I look forward to seeing you soon--