Sunday, August 08, 2021

The Importance of Rejuvenation

This is one of the great challenges of performance in trading:  We need routine ("process") to follow rules and best practices accumulated through experience.  We need variation in routine ("creativity") to discover new and better rules and practices.  

It is important to immerse ourselves in trading and maximize our focus to best apply what we've learned from research and experience.

It is important to step away from trading to refresh our views of markets and rejuvenate.

If you want to make changes in your trading--or in your life--those have to begin by breaking routine and changing something you do.  Daily.

When we rejuvenate, we can view what we are doing in a fresh light and figure out how to best break our routines.

Many traders fail for the same reason many marriages fail.  They get stale.  Love--for a person or for markets--never dies.  It has to be killed.  Routine kills.  

How are you rejuvenating?  How are you innovating?  How are you staying fresh in your approaches to markets?

TraderFeed and The Three Minute Trading Coach will be on a short hiatus during a period of rejuvenation.  During that time, I will be researching new edges in the market and new ways of trading those--and I look forward to sharing those.  I will also spend time with extended family in a reunion:  connection brings rejuvenation.  Stay tuned, and thanks as always for your interest and support--