Monday, May 10, 2021

How To Network Successfully

I want to thank the traders who participated in the first Traders' Virtual Happy Hour session on Sunday evening.  Over time, these efforts will get better and better at connecting traders with others to accelerate development and improve performance.  At the networking event, I presented two unique edges in the stock market and we heard about a unique approach to maximizing trading performance and quality of life.  We also heard about tools for evaluating where large market participants are buying or selling--a huge potential edge in the market.  Most of all, we provided a forum for traders to share what they're up to and connect to one another.

I am totally convinced that the most successful traders are those that are best at networking and learning from and with others.  When people share their successes, failures, and ideas, they accelerate their learning and become broader as well as better.

The wrong way to network is to focus on what you want to learn.

The right way to network is to focus on what you want to share.

When you share your learning, others share with you.  When you focus on your needs, you bring nothing positive to others.  For developing traders, it's easy to get caught up in what you *don't* know.  Still, it's important to identify what you've learned and what you can bring to others, because that cements your learning.

Networking is a lot like dating.  If you reach out to 10 people, 8 of those contacts will be so-so, 1 will be really promising, and 1 will be so awful that you'll have funny stories to tell the next evening at the bar.  It's all about "fail fast".  If you try reaching out to others and get butt-hurt because you don't get a response, you'll never persist and find that one in ten great opportunity to connect with someone.  If you keep meeting people, it's only a matter of time before you meet the right people.

Already I identified 13 traders who have done a special job of sharing.  I put them in touch with each other and I shared a unique idea with them.  I look forward to including you in such special lists!

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