Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ask The Trading And Trading Psychology Questions Top On Your Mind

It's been a busy few weeks, and I've largely taken a break from social media and educational programs in order to focus on my own trading.  Among the areas I've been working on are:

*  Using the trading psychology of market participants to read intraday and longer-term patterns in the stock market;

*  Refining the use of market cycles for the timing of trades;

*  Refining the use of quant studies to look for market edges;

*  Using relative performance to identify the next market themes in play.

This work was rewarded on Friday with one of my best trading days in a while.  Trading is always a work in progress and that is a big part of what keeps it fascinating and challenging!

If you click the graphic at the top of the post, you'll get the details on a webinar I'll be doing with and Morad Askar this coming Wednesday at 4:30 PM EST.  The format of the session will be that participants can bring any trading or trading psychology question for Morad and me to answer.  Participants can ask their questions anonymously and it will be open kimono on my end.  Happy to share my latest work, as well as general ideas re: trading psychology.

The idea is provide free coaching and mentoring to developing traders and allow everyone to learn from each other's questions.  

In order to participate in the live session and ask questions, you'll need to use this link to register:  

Because it's a virtual session, attendance will be limited.  Hope to see you there!!