Saturday, April 11, 2020

How Are You Going To Grow Through This Crisis?

The Radical Renewal blog book (free download here) that discusses the spirituality of trading covers an important topic relevant to our trading psychology:  how we deal with adversity.  In trading, we are guaranteed that we will have losing trades and periods of drawdown.  We will always miss some trades, always get some ideas wrong.  How we process our setbacks shapes how we move forward--or don't.

So how are we processing this shocking setback in health, this setback in the economy, this setback to our lifestyles?  How are we adapting to a life largely spent in our homes?

A theme in Radical Renewal is viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth.  If life's challenges occur for a reason, we can embrace our setbacks and figure out how to grow through them.  So, in that spirit, how are we growing through the current crisis?

How are you growing your trading?

How are you growing your teamwork?

How are you making other traders better?

In the spirit of Project Impact, how are we using this period as an opportunity to give to others?

How are you using this period to get yourself in better physical condition?

How are you using this period to build your family and romantic relationships?  

How are you using this period to learn new skills?

In short, once this crisis passes, how will we be better?  How well will we have used this time as opportunity?

What a great exercise:  Developing a trading plan and a personal plan for coming out of this crisis stronger and better.  Don't. Stand. Still.

A Rabbi from Jewish history was afflicted with many ailments and suffered greatly.  When people asked about his challenges, his response was "Gam Zu Le Tovah":  This, too, is for the good.  Yes, there is loss and there is setback.  If we can use this time to keep ourselves safe, keep ourselves healthy, and keep ourselves growing, we will be able to look at this period as also being for the good.

Be well!