Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Trading Summit: Thursday, June 20th in New York City

Please note:  Unfortunately I had hoped to speak at this event, but I needed to pull out because of an issue with my speaking time.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  I will address the topic of quant edges that come from understanding the psychology of the marketplace soon.  Thanks for your understanding!


Benzinga, in partnership with Traders4ACause, is holding a trading summit in New York on June 20th.  I'll be there and will be presenting from 12:10 - 12:40 PM.  Here is a tentative agenda for the conference.  If you use the Promo Code DRBRETTVIP when you register, the ticket price will be half off.  A portion of conference proceeds will go to charitable causes.

In my presentation, I will be addressing the topic of finding quant edges in the market by understanding the psychology of other market participants.  This enables you to see which way traders and institutional participants are leaning and then use that information to your advantage in a rigorously backtested way.  Some of what I present will share edges that I have found in the market; some will draw upon the excellent work of Rob Hanna from Quantifiable Edges.

The topic of trading psychology usually addresses our emotions and thought patterns and how those impact our trading decisions.  That can be helpful, but it is also possible to take the topic to the next level and identify the edges in markets that come from understanding the psychology of those active in the marketplace.  As Rob's work makes clear, such edges *do* exist.  It's only a question of whether we trade with awareness of them or in ignorance of them.

Thanks for your interest; I hope to see you in the Big Apple!