Friday, April 19, 2019

Becoming Your Best Self

In coaching, counseling, and therapy, people typically try to change the "texts" of their lives: their thought patterns, habit patterns, etc.  But what if our greatest changes come from shifting, not texts, but contexts?

In the most recent Forbes article, Aries, the black tabby cat, poses an interesting thought experiment:  

Suppose a movie is going to be made of your life.  Is it a film you would go out of your way to watch?

The sad truth is that most of us are living good lives, but not adventuresome ones; not ones that we would be proud to have made as books or movies.  

The article poses a unique perspective:  perhaps we are operating at states of energy and in environments that fail to bring out our greatest strengths.  If you're trading and living with less than movie-worthy adventure, perhaps this is not because you lack discipline or proper self-talk. 

Perhaps, like Aries, you need a change of context.

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